AIR Filming Part One

It's pitch dark and pouring rain when we arrive for our 6:30 call time, but the actors and crew are in amazing spirits. base-camp By dawn, base camp is built on wooden pallets in the mud.

mud-flats More wooden pallets lead up to set.

genny There is no electricity on site. So the entire set is run off of three gennies.

bates 300 feet of bates cables lead power up to set.

chuck-truck Chuck's office.

ian A 12x12 is thrown over the container to block sunlight.

chuck-pete-ian Set, from the outside. I'll take you inside in the next post.

sloan Paul Sloan, heading to set.

jon-brandon1 Jon Stokes (me), Brandon Scott. The shoot is a success because the actors and crew stay in amazing spirits.

pete-jon Pete Sestina (2nd Second AD) and Jon Stokes (me). We have a dynamite crew - everyone is great at their jobs and I am thrilled.