AIR Filming Part Two

Inside the container we fit six actors and up to nine crew members: Director, DP, Gaffer, 1st AC, 2nd AC, Boom, Prop Master, and sometimes Makeup and Makeup assistant. Just outside the container in video village are 1st AD, Sound Mixer, and Script Supervisor. water-heater Water heater and filter for 1400 gallon tank.

ac Red camera.

boom Boom is sending sound to camera and out to video village.

ian-peter Peter has everything under control.

peter-gulley Rockstar Matt Gulley spent the whole shoot in the water with the actors, adjusting lights. Here, he and Peter and making some fine tune adjustments to the set...

actors-laughing Actors find their places...

chuck-shooting Chuck sets the camera...

brandon-red And the shoot looks a little something like this.

joe-red And this.

group-red-one And this.

boots That's a wrap!

PS - For an actor's perspective on the shoot, watch Greg Fellow's behind the scenes footage of AIR:

And you can see Greg's "Part Two" video below (the first 48 seconds don't have to do with AIR):