AIR Rehearsal

We have one last rehearsal two days before shoot. Randy and I are big believers in pre-planning, so we have all production heads attend rehearsal. 1st AD Dan Noa and I run the actors through the shot list and shooting schedule from start to finish. ali-pallas Wardobe Designer Ali Kahn is on hand to test outfits and Property Master Pallas Erdrich is on hand testing everything from flashlights to dry ice.


Cinematographer Chuck teaches actor Greg Fellows to light the flare while Jon Stokes (me) and Sound Mixer Kevin Sorensen look on.


Greg Fellows, Paul Sloan (playing dead), and Brandon Scott. Rehearsing actors is one of my favorite parts of the whole process. And these guys give their all in rehearsal, which makes it really fun and rewarding.

jon-rehearsing-actors Running through every beat. Rehearsal is so valuable because on set there are a million other things to think about - it's best if the actors have a muscle memory for their role by the time they step on set.