AIR - Set Preparation

Auditions were a big success.  We have amazing actors on board and are already rehearsing them.  Producer Randy Wayne has a game plan of how to turn this equipment yard into a working set, and now we get down to the glamorous task of movie making. We clean the yard to make it safe for crew.  Then, with rain all week, we must lay a brick path through the mud so crew can move equipment without getting stuck.

randy-sweep Randy Wayne, producing.

jon-shovel Jon Stokes, directing.

jon-tanks Look at this beautiful brick path. I've found my calling!

randy-roof Randy, be careful!

There's an 80% chance of rain for this weekend's shoot. I'm checking the weather like I check Facebook. Randy and I cover the container roof in plastic tarp to waterproof it, and then cover the tarp in heavy blankets to soundproof it. We have no idea if this will work, so we budget for a few back up plans and hope for the best.