Victory Filming

I had an absolute blast filming "Victory" this weekend with a fun and talented cast and crew.  Below I have posted a few set photos about how we shot the film... ABOUT THE MOVIE

Actor Gary Cairns presented me with the idea for "Victory" a few months ago and asked if I would write and direct it.  "Heck yes," I said.

My friend Sarah Newman connected me with our wonderful DP, Marlen Schlawin.  Randy Wayne and Nick Slatkin came on board to produce.  And in the past two weeks we raised the budget, raised the crew, found the locations, and shot the movie.


Marlen and I logged 16 hours preparing the shot list.  105 shots across 16 locations in 2.5 shooting days.


All of the movie's dream sequences were filmed on the 7D and linked together using Michel Gondry-style transitions.  In the sequence below we start with actors Gary Cairns and Janina Gavankar rolling over in bed...

Janina and Gary

Peter Marr built us a wheel mount (above) and we rolled the 7D along the plank to follow the motion of the actors.  Then Marlen rigged the 7D on a slider to follow the motion of the actors in a top shot...

Placing the Actors

Once Gary rolls and hits his mark we transition into the next shot.  Gary spreads his arms...

Gary Filming

...and we match cut to Gary in the same position on a TV screen (it makes sense in the story)...

Gary Cairns on TV'

Marlen's crew lays down dolly tracks so we can dolly out of the TV set...

Dolly Shot

The camera will dolly back until we reveal Gary sitting on the couch (above), watching himself on TV.

Marlen looks happy with the shot...

Marlen Schlawin

I look happy too.

Gary Cairns and Jonathan W. Stokes