Peter Marr

Peter Marr (The Last Hurrah Producer) is one of the best people I know in Los Angeles.  A great guy and a hilarious person, Peter has encouraged me with my writing for many years.  Years ago, when I was thinking about giving up on comedy writing, Peter helped convince me to stick it through.  He always said he wanted to produce one of my scripts, and sure enough, here we are.  I don't know where I'd be without Peter's help. peter-1.png Peter is the opposite of a Hollywood producer.  He doesn't sit around sipping mochachinos and trying to get invited to parties.  Peter rolls up his sleeves and works.

Peter did all our set construction in two days, building a make up room, video village, sound department, and craft service station.  He bought all the props for the movie.  He bought all our licenses and insurance.  He placates the neighborhood association when they get upset with our noise level.  He ordered the porto-potty and single-handedly carried it across the property.  And every night he lugs a truckload of our smelly trash down to the dump.

And he never once complains.

How many producers would do any of this?


(Peter in a pensive moment)


Most of all, Peter keeps everyone laughing.  It's good to have a strong team on set.  And most of all I'm grateful that we have a happy set.  Everyone seems to be getting along great and I believe that vibe on set comes from the top down.  It's best to work with nice people.