Wipe Filming

Today I filmed a comedy short, "Wipe," along with Cinematographer Chuck DeRosa and two wonderful actors: Kelly Perine and Steve Fite.  This shoot was a ton of fun.  The entire crew was on their game insuring that everything went smoothly.  It's great to spend the whole day laughing. haircut

(Above) Actor Kelly Perine and I trim his afro wig for the short.  The wig was necessary for a gag, and it took a lot of finesse to make the wig look believable.


(Above) Cinematographer Chuck DeRosa and Electrician Ian Carr set up the Red Cam.  This camera is unbelievably great.


(Above) Actor Kelly Perine marking his own slate.


(Above) Actor Steve Fite, inside a nest of lighting equipment.  It looks like a conceptual art piece.


(Above) Actor Steve Fite, getting set up for the next take.


(Above) Actor Steve Fite's extreme close up.  I like this pic because I shot it in color and it looks black and white.