I met Chuck DeRosa (Cinematographer) at a friend's birthday party at The Dresden. We had similar taste in movies and I liked him from the start. Chuck mentioned he was a DP, so I told him I wrote a script in one take. I asked him if he thought it would be possible to shoot such a thing. Chuck said, "Send me the script." I sent him the script and promptly forgot about it. I was surprised a few weeks later when Chuck called me and said those magic works that burrow straight to a writer's heart: "I love it."

I went over to Chuck's house for a beer and watched his DP reel. I was incredibly relieved to find that he was extremely talented. It would have been awkward if he was a hack! Chuck has a great sense of framing and lighting, and shoots a lot of 35 in his spare time as well. Perhaps most importantly, Chuck has a lot of the on-set experience that I lack. We shook hands and decided to make The Last Hurrah.


(This is Chuck DeRosa, lounging)