Industry Screening

Monday we had our first private screening of The Last Hurrah.  It was a big success! We showed the film in a screening room at Raleigh Studios to a group of industry friends.  I'm thrilled to report that 29 out of our 30 comment cards were definitively positive.


Reviewing the cards, we are going to go back in to remix and sync ADR, polish up our front titles, and trim some run time from Act One.  Our whole goal now is to make the first ten minutes of the film as accessible as possible to a festival screener.  It's this single-take concept that will either make people love our movie, or completely not understand it!


It was very gratifying to watch the movie in a live theater, and hear audience response.  And such a relief to hear laughter - in the places where we want to hear laughter!

Now it's back to work on completing the final version of the movie and getting it out to festivals.