Sound Mix - Third Time's the Charm

Okay, I've said it before, but this time I think the sound is finally, basically, complete. After bouncing around through several mixers, we are finally lucky enough to be working with the wonderful Corey Eccles on a state of the art dub stage.  She is bringing our sound up to a level of quality I didn't think was possible for our movie.

Recording a one take movie, mostly outdoors, we were saddled with all sorts of honking horns, airplane engines, police sirens, lav mic pops and static, boom mic distortion, and more than a few flubbed actor lines.  After going through several sound mixers, I thought we were simply going to have to live with these issues.  But Corey has been able to rapidly erase many if not most of these problems.  I am, frankly, astonished at the speed and quality of her work.

Perhaps sound is like a tightly sealed pickle jar, where several people need to have a go at it before the lid finally pops open.

I'll keep my fingers crossed until I get to spot the final output this week.  But I think we may finally have a completed movie on our hands.

And now it's a question of finding a festival for our premiere.