The Set Comes to Life

It's so exciting to come on set every day and find two new truckloads of equipment. For some reason, the big moment for me was when the generator arrived. Then it felt like a movie. Granted, I was reluctant to spend the $1,000 for the generator cost. But since Chuck needs to light every setup in the movie simultaneously, it seemed like the safest way to avoid short-circuiting the entire neighborhood. set-1.png

The photo above shows how the sound team hid receivers and transmitters on the roof. This relays the lav and boom radio signals over to video village. Finding 16 free radio channels in the middle of Los Angeles was a challenge, but I'm told we got lucky with our location.


Chuck and his team are flooding the backyard with light, so we can shoot at night time. The lights above are blue gels. We're trying to pull a Steven Soderbergh and assign different color moods to every scene set up.


This is me with two very dedicated actors: Gary Cairns II and Heidi Johanningmeier. Gary grew a beard for his role, and tells me he sleeps with the script next to his pillow every night. Heidi read Carl Jung's "An Answer to Job" because her character references it in her dialog.

Hanging out on set is an incredible amount of fun. Working together with all the teams: art department, wardrobe, makeup, sound, and camera, we are creating a unified concept for this movie. It's really coming together!