Let's Get Back to Work

Today I marched in front of SAG headquarters to support the Let's Get Back to Work rally. Basically, it was a rally of crew people who would prefer that SAG not strike. Or at least, that the SAG leadership maybe pick up the pace a tad and resolve some of the inner squabbling. backtoworklogo1

I'm really not that political, but reading about SAG's internecine fighting is a little shocking. Sometimes, really shocking (update: sometimes really, really shocking). When your union leadership is perennially incapable of holding meetings without Blagojevichian obscenity-laced tirades, maybe it's time to reassess.

Everyone wants the actors to get a fair deal. But there must be a better way for SAG to achieve its goals.

6 Things I learned at the SAG Rally:

*When you hold a rally, crazy people will show up *A person's craziness is directly correlative to their loudness *If you're at a rally, it's okay for people to walk up and start screaming at you *It's best not to reason with those people *Twenty out of twenty loud crazy people favor a SAG strike *The pro-SAG strikers honestly don't look like they do very much acting, anyway