Sound Mix

Mitch Lindskoog and I put in another six hours yesterday perfecting the sound mix.  We still have work remaining on the sound edit.  But we are nearing completion.  It is extremely satisfying to hear the movie coming into focus.

(Mitch in his native environment - with The Last Hurrah playing in the background)

We knew we would encounter challenges shooting in one take.  What we didn't anticipate is that the sound edit is the most challenging hurdle of all.  Our beleaguered sound team has to make sense of 16 lavalier and boom radio channels often distorted by static, production sounds, or even Spanish radio frequencies.

To further complicate matters, our sound designer's band is away on another 6 week European tour.  This is his third tour in 2008, and this has effected our desired schedule.

All this being said, I do believe sound is very close to completion.  The remaining focus will be on Jay to complete visual effects and titles, and Chuck to do color correction.  I cannot wait to have this movie in the can, and begin to submit it to festivals in earnest.