Shooting Day 5

There was a ton of energy on set today. Everyone has performed the movie so many times now, it's feeling like a real party. During the day time scenes, another party of girls down the street started screaming incessantly. I had to send producers over to ask them to quiet down. So if there's screaming in act one of the movie, you'll know it was the neighbors down the street.

During the time lapse, it started raining. In the middle of July in Los Angeles. The sound and camera teams had to cover their equipment in plastic. And the usual suspects started telling me to cancel the shoot.

Things get worse

Our set parakeet, James Jamison, died during the time lapse. Just keeled over and died. Richie and I got rid of the body without the cast noticing. The dead bird and the rain clouds seemed like a pretty ominous sign.

So I asked God, a character in the movie, for a miracle. God (Martin Kelly) put on his sunglasses and pointed at the sky. Then we waited another ten minutes.

And I kid you not, this really happened.


If you watch this movie, look for the strange purple lighting during the time lapse from daytime to nighttime. Who knows, maybe we'll just color correct it.

But possibly, at one point in the time lapse, you will see the whole cast and crew pose for a photo and point at the sky. We're pointing at the double rainbow off screen (that's the camera filming in the middle of the group).