My producing team has negotiated all fifteen of our actor contracts as "most favored nations." This means that our smallest actor gets exactly the same deal as our biggest actor. I can't imagine how this works in our favor, but it seems the producers were just muscled into it. Our actors have signed four contracts now and two of the managers have rejected every one of them. Now we're already into filming and still no signed contracts, so the managers just have us over the barrel.

And there's not a ton I can do to help the producers negotiate because I'm sort of busy directing a movie.

Finding $28,712.28 in two hours

Step 1) I sold all my stocks today. My beloved Google and Apple. I was going to hold them for a decade. The best laid plans of mice and men...

Step 2) I liquidated all my savings. $20,000 I painstakingly saved as a piano teacher. It will all go into the pockets of my actors now. At least I'm supporting the arts.

Step 3) I called my mom and dad and told them I'm making a movie. I told them I need to borrow $8,000 today or my movie gets shut down. My mom and dad agreed. They were setting money aside to buy a new car in September.  But instead they're wiring the money directly to the actor payroll company. I will pay them back by borrowing $8,000 from credit cards.

Wiring Information

I need to wire this money to the payroll company immediately and none of my producers is answering their phone this morning. What are they sleeping? It's 10am! I am all alone in this.


I'm trying to decide how to feel about the two actors' managers that cost me all of this money. Their actors do deserve their own trailers. I would get them if I could. They do deserve lots of money. I would pay them a king's ransom if I could. But those actors should understand that I am paying for this movie on my credit cards. That we are all here for love of the game.

It is illogical for me to be upset with these actors. My job is to work well with them and bring out their absolute best.

I am emotionally tired. But my mind is working at lightning speed. I am not thinking about myself or my producing team. I am thinking about working with my amazing actors. I am thinking about what I can emotionally give to rally them to be their best.