When I decided to write my own movie, I set it entirely in one house, because that was the single cheapest location I could think of. Now, after a lot of searching, and three houses that were really, really close, I think we've found a winner. It's a beautiful multi-million dollar home, and perfect to suggest that the character of Lex is having a party at her parent's palace while they are out of town. I'll have to rewrite the script to fit the house, but if we can sign the papers, it might be perfect.

The best part: we are getting the location for one month for $2,500.


How we got the deal

The owner is completing renovations on his kitchen July 3rd. This prevents him from renting the house for the month of July. Thus, any money he receives from us is found money, as long as we carry a million dollars in location insurance! Richie found the house using craigslist, and deserves a lot of credit for patiently working with the home owner through a complex negotiation. I think we are extremely fortunate.

I love the house! It has all of the important requirements: a spacious backyard, a piano in the living room, a floor layout to roughly accommodate the script, and plenty of outdoor space for building video village, makeup, wardrobe, craft service, and sound HQ. The house is bordered by a vacant lot, a parking lot, and a quiet neighbor - so noise complaints may be manageable. Best of all, it's located in the center of Los Angeles - easy commuting for everyone. Fingers crossed.